Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earlier this week, Tyson had his first blow out! It was pretty intense. The crazy thing is none of his poop got in the diaper! It just went all up his back. Lovely. We just took him to the bath and hosed him off. It was quite an experience. He is starting to smile though and it just makes us forget all about the blow outs. He can actually focus on things now and makes the cutest little noises. He is getting so big and starting to show some of his little personality traits. My favorite is how he sucks on his upper lip. He can't quite keep it in his mouth so it makes a smack every time. It is super cute! He has also learned how to stick out his bottom lip when he gets sad. It just melts my heart. Tyson also got a new bed last night! He has had quite an eventful week. We just put together his crib for him to sleep in. He is a big boy now! Tomorrow is his 2 month birthday and we just can't believe how fast it has gone by! Today he got his 2 month shots so his little legs are sore. He was such a good boy though. He just zonked out right after. Well, as you can tell, we are just loving this little kid and are so happy that he is ours!
Ivan is so excited to have the semester over with! He took his last final on Tuesday and we had a celebration. He has done great this semester! Just one more year left! We are super excited to have the family in town for Tyson's baby blessing. It will be a great weekend before spring term starts.