Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yogurt Time!

Tyson's first experience feeding himself with a spoon. This is how it all went down...

Dad: Here, let me help you.
Tyson: I can do it myself Dad.

Tyson: The 2 spoons aren't working, so...

I'll just use my hand. Much better.
I do have to say the yogurt mustache looks good on Tyson though.

Mommy's little Helper

Tyson loves to help in the kitchen. Anytime I am making anything, even doing the dishes, he pushes me away from the counter until I offer to let him help. It makes for a much longer time, but a much more enjoyable time. I just love this kid!
Most the time, he just ends up eating whatever I am making or the ingredients of what I am making. Like Father like son.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to Memorial Day! (Part II)

Okay so Washington was the weekend of Memorial Day. We got back on Sunday and were actually back in Bountiful for Monday, which happened to be Memorial Day. So we hung out with the family and did some fun stuff. Like hiking Ensign Peak. Never done it before.
This is Pops Sheffield, Aunts Rachel, Mary Jane, Shauna, Tyson and yours truly.

Here is a picture of Tyson Hiking!

And here is Tyson getting distracted while hiking!

And here is Tyson hiking after getting distracted a lot!

Well we eventually made it to the top! And we had a really good time. We also got a chance to go the coolest grave yard in the Salt Lake Valley. It is where all the prophets were buried. Tyson got to see his Great great great great grandfather John Taylor. We also stopped by to say hi to J. Golden Kimball. Pretty fun!

P.S. formatting pictures is a waste of time.