Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tyson the "California Dream Boat"

Tyson's trip to California has been life changing. Everything he knew has been turned upside down. He has decided that he is too cool to allow the sun to get in his eyes! I kid you not! Katie and Mom were just cruising the aisles of Tyson's favorite store, Babies 'R' Us, and they passed the sunglass aisle. Tyson jumped up, did a back flip out of the cart, landed on his feet, grabbed some glasses and high jumped back in his car seat. I think he even took this picture of himself. He is a stud. Even with his double chin.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July at Lake Tahoe

We went on a day adventure yesterday! The Rocklin Jubilee, the main fire work show in Rocklin CA was canceled due to budget problems! (Go figure, budget problems in California!) So we loaded up the car in search for a good fireworks show. Grandma and Grandpa, Tyson, Katie and I jumped in the Subaru and took off for the mountains. We figured we would cruise up to Lake Tahoe to see the fireworks up there!

The Sierra Nevadas are awesome. They are one of my favorite places in California! On the way up we got a little side tracked. We pulled off on one exit to do a little exploring near a resort called Rainbow Lodge. A sweet little swim area on the side of the Yuba River!

We hopped back into the car and cruised down to Donner Lake. We drove down along the shore looking at the lake and trying to avoid getting hit by other cars because it was real busy! It was really pretty cool. I guess when the Donner party went through that winter there was 22 feet of snow! There are trees that they have found that the tops had been chopped off for fire wood and it was around 22 feet up! CRAZY...and really sad.

We grabbed some stuff for a picnic and we ended up in Tahoe right on the edge of the lake to watch the fireworks! It was sweet. You could see about three fireworks shows at any given time. There were a couple across the lake. Here is a really bad picture of the show. But the view was awesome live. Notice the almost full moon in the background, the fireworks and the light shining off the water!



We are here in California! Ivan (that's me!) has an internship with Ernst & Young in Sacramento. We made it here even though we still can't find a car to buy! For those of you who don't know our car was hit in the middle of the night last month and we have been left without a car! Anyway, we took a rental car out here and we are loving it!

I spent 2.5 days in San Francisco for firm wide orientation and I will spend 2.5 days in San Jose, CA for tax specific orientation. So that is fun except I miss Katie and little Tyson a TON!

We are loving the clear skies. It is hot though which we are still adjusting to. Katie has been spending her time playing with Tyson and Grandma. She has started a quilt with Grandma for Tyson and that has been fun. Yesterday my dad commissioned Katie with the responsibility to draw up plans for a landscape of their front and back yard. It needs to be redone and Katie took a landscape design class last term and she is going to put that to use. Anyway, things are great and we encourage all those here in California to LOOK US UP! Otherwise we will be calling you shortly!

Here is a picture or one of the adventures we went on yesterday!