Thursday, February 25, 2010

1 year stats

Today we had Tyson's doctor appt. Everything is looking good and he is developing great. He did get a few shots, which he didn't like, but he handled it like a champ. He is 31 in. tall and in the 75% , 20 lbs. 12 oz. and in the 25%, and in the 75% for his head. Something interesting; he has actually dropped just a few ounces in weight from his 9 mo. appt. Weird. I definitely wasn't expecting that, but the doctor said that everything is fine and to not worry about it. He did really well at the doctor today. Usually he hates it and cries even when they listen to his breathing, but I was pleasantly surprised when he did so well. I think he likes it a lot more now that he can walk around and play with all the toys. The world of food has now opened up to Tyson. He can eat anything now! Well, anything mom will let him eat. Enjoy little man!
31 inches tall, 20 lbs. 12 oz, BIG Brain...USC just offered him a scholarship! Heisman Watch 2031!

Tyson is 1!

We just can't believe that one year ago little Tyson joined our family. Time has gone by faster than we ever thought. We are so grateful that he came into our lives and we couldn't love him more. He is just the cutest little guy ever and never ceases to make us smile. We had a great day yesterday. We played lots, read some books together, and made Tyson's cake. He couldn't really help me with that, but he got to play while I did it. We had a little party for him last night and it was so much fun. Some of his friends came over to celebrate with him and we were so glad to have them over. When his piece of cake was put in front of him, it was very anti-climactic. We were definitely expecting him to dig right in, but he poked and prodded at it for a few minutes before he finally picked it up and shoved it in his mouth. And all over his little body. Once he started though, there was no stopping him. He was even grabbing for the crumbs when I tried to take him out of his seat. Then we opened presents. He needed a little help with that part. He is a loved and spoiled little boy. He loves all of his gifts, especially the balloons. He was just going crazy with them! It was so funny. After all we do, a balloon does the trick. Needless to say, it was a happening time! We love you Ty Ty! Happy Birthday!

Tyson and his friends, Tyler, Corbin, and Makenzie. Such cute kids!
Balloons, balloons, balloons!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Tyson is officially walking! It was crazy. About 3 or so weeks ago, he just decided he could walk. He had taken a few steps here and there and was walking between furniture, then one day, he took off and has not turned back since. He is so fun to watch and getting so good at it. We have realized that much more trouble comes with the growing age and abilities though. I have really been thinking about what is the best way to teach and discipline Tyson. He is the cutest thing ever and I couldn't love him more, but he is also a pill sometimes (hopefully I am not the only one who feels this about their child). It is a good thing that he does so many cute little things. It makes it hard to get mad at him. He thinks that getting in trouble is funny. Anytime we say his name with a firm tone, he just starts giggling and running away. How do you resist from chasing and playing with him? And how do you teach a kid he is being naughty if he thinks it is funny? Frustrating, but also so dang cute! He has also started to cuddle more, which I love! He will come over from playing and just lay his head on my leg or shoulder. He also loves to cuddle with his blanket. It just melts my heart. Another thing that is so cute is how he shares. He loves to share things with people. Especially food. Anytime we let him feed himself, he picks up his food and gives it to us. So sweet. Hopefully he keeps the desire to share as he grows up. We love this kid! I guess we'll just figure it out as we go! Good thing I have an amazing husband by my side!
Tyson sharing with Daddy.

Ivan and I had a great Valentines. We got to spend time with friends and some time alone as well. Ivan was so sweet and made dinner for us on Sunday, which was delicious. We had Cafe Rio pork and then cheesecake for dessert. He is pretty amazing. We then proceeded to make a fort in our living room. I have been begging Ivan for weeks to make a fort and we finally had a chance! It was so much fun! Tyson definitely agreed with it as well. The kid was going nuts. The entrance to the fort was not quite tall enough for Tyson to walk into it, and he is not quite coordinated enough to bend over to get in. So, there were a few times that he attempted to get it and almost got clothes-lined. Ivan could not stop laughing, as you can guess. I have to admit it was funny to watch, but I always gave in and helped him out. Ivan favorite part about the fort was the safety pins we had in the middle connected to yarn and tied to the ceiling light. He was very proud of it. It did make a big difference in the fort, so he can bask in his brilliance all he wants.
Ivan and Ty in the fort.

Tyson and Mackenzie Bell are about 3 months apart and just love playing together. And it is so fun to watch them too. They also love holding hands and it is just the cutest thing to watch. It usually starts with Tyson reaching for her hand and she gives in to him. So funny. I just couldn't resist getting a picture of it. Apparently Tyson has a valentine of his own.