Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to Memorial Day!

I think there has been like 8 holidays in between now and Memorial Day. But there has been like 8 holidays in between now and the last time we blogged. For both of our faithful readers...I sincerely apologize. If we have more than two faithful readers....I sincerely apologize again. Okay here we go.Last summer I was flying between California and Flordia and volunteered to give up my seat. I was given over $500 in vouchers to use. (Lesson learned: Always give up your seat if you have the option.) Anyway we decided to go out to Washington to see Katie's sister.
We hopped on a plane early on May 27th and flew into Seattle, WA. Here is Tyson and his bellybutton on the airplane:Katie and I had never been in Washington before. I have heard good things. I had heard bad it rains all the time. And guess what, everything you hear about Washington is 100% correct. It was green, there are lots of trees, and it rains all the time. It rained everyday we were there. But that didn't stop us. We decided to head out, throw Tyson in a backpack and go enjoy a hike in Washington. This is what Tyson thought about that:"What the heck dad???"
We had a really good time. It was really pretty. There were waterfalls and nice tree cover and all. Here is my beautiful wife and my nephew, Bronson and niece Clara.
The hike was pretty sweet. Not gonna lie. Then we went home and hung out at the house. It was pretty fun. Bronson and I grilled for the family:We were having a great time. Don't ask me about the pliers Bronson is holding while we were cooking hamburgers. Again, we were having a great time. Overall it was awesome trip. It was good to hang out with our nephews and niece and sister.

Tyson got to go in a bounce house for the first time. I think the trip was an overall success.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update Ur Blog!

When best friends threaten you with pictures like know you need to update your blog more often....more to come....been a busy summer....
(This picture has not been altered by the author!)