Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Tidwell Crew Rooting the Cougs over Tulane!

BYU has jumped in the rankings up to #7 and the Tidwell Family is pumped. Katie went out this week and made sure that we were all appropriately dressed for the big game this weekend. Tyson woke up and was begging us to put his jersey on and he begged his dad to let him wear his nike headband.

I did have one problem with this picture...I thought to myself, "Self, why are you sitting and watching the game on a red couch?" I replied, "Becuase the red represents the four letter word to the north [UTAH] and just like we sit on a red couch we are going to sit and squash Utah at the end of the year!!!!" It is never to early to dream of whooping up on Utah. BYU laid the boom on Tulane with a 54-3 score. I would like to go ahead and nominate the Cougars for team of the week. (I am not biased at all!)

Here are some cute pictures of BYU's future QB and Heisman candidate!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My sister Shauna and I had the amazing opportunity of going to the USA men's soccer game on Sat. It was AMAZING! They played El Salvador and won 2-1. Altidore scored one and Dempsey scored one also. It really should have been 3-1, but the ref made a really bad offsides call on Altidore. It was a beautiful game and a beautiful experience. It was awesome to look at the stands and see numerous flags and red, white, and blue everwhere. Shauna and I left the game on a patriotic high yelling and screaming that we love the USA and soccer! haha. It was sooo much fun! Funny story, one of the guys from the Real Salt Lake team was playing for the first time and Shauna though his last name was Beckevich, so we were screaming that name during the whole game. Come to find out, his name is really Beckman (I don't know how to spell it for sure, but you get the idea). The people around us probably thought we were crazy. Ya it was pretty embarassing. Oh well, we had a blast and got to cheer for the USA!

USA on El Salvador's side of the field.

Cheering after the game. We are #1!

Kind of hard to see, but this is the scoreboard. It says 2-1 at 90:00! YA!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

What is he thinking!?

So for the last 5 months or so, I have been cutting Ivan's hair. I have no formal training, but my sister is a hairstylist so I had her teach me how to do it with the clippers. Surprisingly, Ivan lets me. The first time I cut it, it took me about a half an hour because I was so scared, but I have gotten a little faster each time.

If any of you are looking to save a little money, it is worth it. We bought the clippers in April and we paid them off on the 4th haircut. We are now making money each time I cut his hair. haha. We like to tell ourselves that. I haven't messed up yet though. Well, actually, if you have seen Ivan's buzz lately, I accidentally took the 2 to his head and not the 8! haha. Just kidding. He really did want the buzz.

It has been a blast! I have learned how picky Ivan is about his hair though. Just kidding, he is not that bad.

6 months

Well, we just can't even believe how fast this little kid is growing! It is so crazy but so fun at the same time. It's amazing how we just love him more and more everyday. We got back to Utah last Wed. night and a few days before we left, we made a discovery; Tyson has a tooth! His first little tooth was breaking through! It was so cute! He was such a good kid too. We thought he might be teething because he was drooling a lot and chewing on his fingers a lot, but he was not that fussy. What a tough cookie! So then just a few days ago, we discovered another tooth! His two bottom, middle teeth are coming in. What an adventure! ( More for Tyson than for us, but we are enjoying the ride). Tyson also had his 6 month appointment a week ago and the doctor said he is doing great and is right on schedule. He weighs 18lbs. 6oz. which is 75th percentile and he is 27 1/2 in. tall which is 90th percentile. What a stud! Hopefully he will be tall like his Dad! He is not quite crawling yet, but he makes his way all over the floor rolling, scooting, and pushing up. Ivan is glad he is getting bigger so he can wrestle with him a little bit. He is just so much fun and we love him to death!