Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

The week before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch. I don't know if you have ever done that before or anything but apparently people tend to like to do that. Like my wife, she loves pumpkins and pumpkin patches. My "pumpkin" loves pumpkins. (wow I am good) So we took Tyson and went to this sweet pumpkin patch.
"Yeah Dad...This is the one!"

Tyson got in the wagon and loved it. Until he fell out.

Tyson would not let go of the pumpkin...we had to buy it.

Me and the most beautiful pumpkin I saw at the patch.

Pumpkins and 'Mater the truck!

You can't see it but this is Tyson and I on the tractor pulled hay ride. It was awesome.


I am so bad at Halloween! I think it is such a fun holiday and this time of year brings about many of my "favorite things" in life, but I always seem to be caught off guard and utterly unprepared when it comes around! I was, at the last minute of course, trying to throw a costume together for Tyson when our good friends, the Tanners, let us borrow one of their old costumes. Lifesavers! So Tyson was an elephant. And a dang cute one at that!
Sometimes a mad one.

We had a blast painting pumpkins (I thought Tyson would do better with that) and roasting the seeds of course. And on Saturday night we went to the ward trunk or treat. Dinner and dessert were great, but Tyson wasn't. The poor kid was a little overwhelmed by the huge crowd, so we didn't get to stay for the actual trunk or treat. But we did have one success of the night, I won the award for best pie! It was really exciting, because I totally didn't expect it and because I have never one anything like that before.
Brush and hand, of course.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Good Things to Come"

At this time of life, with so much uncertainty and so many decisions to make, it is such a blessing to have living prophets who remind us and encourage us to have faith. I saw this message today, and it just struck me. Maybe because of all the car problems Ivan and I always seem to have, but I think it was something more too.
What great things we have to look forward to if we just endure to the end and bear our burdens well. And how comforting to know that those who went before us struggled with many of the same hardships in life that we do. One of the tender mercies I have received from the Lord today.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Let me paint a picture for you. We are sitting in church the other day, on fast Sunday, and the last person gets up to bear their testimony. It has been a fairly calm and uneventful sacrament meeting (a good thing). Tyson is sitting on my lap looking at a book when the last person to bear their testimony said "amen" to end their testimony. Something this guy said must have struck Tyson because a very passionate and loud "Amen" came out of his mouth. Everyone's heads and eyes turn our way. All we could do was laugh!

A Day in the Life of Tyson Tidwell

-Wake up. Eat oatmeal and maybe a banana.
-Kick the ball down the stairs (Tyson could do this all day if I would let him).
-Play outside. He loves hitting the baseball off his tee but even more he loves to pitch the ball to me and let me hit. When he hits the ball off the tee, he runs in a circle and yells "run the bases, run the bases." So cute!
-Play with toys.
-Snack and lunch somewhere in the mix.
-Read books and nap time.
-Go to the park.
-Go on walks around the block where Tyson proceeds to point out every rock, tree, fire hydrant, "pretty flower," and car that goes "vroom vroom." He also says hi to everyone we see and then says "I sweet" after because I tell him he is sweet when he says hi to people. I think he has memorized where all of the basketball hoops in the neighborhood are because he never misses pointing one out. He also reminds me of where we saw the "peatocks" a couple weeks ago. He kicks the leaves as we go and loves when I lift him up to touch the leaves. He can recognize an airplane from the sound it makes and stops every time one flies over. He pauses whenever the wind blows and says "wiiinnnd." And every few houses he runs up and down the driveways a few times. But his favorite thing of all is to look up in the sky and see the moon. I don't know why, but Tyson has an obsession with the moon. Anytime we color I have to "make a moon" for him. So, on our walks, every few minutes he stops to find the moon. Ya, it takes about a half an hour to walk around the block with Tyson, but I love it.
-Play some more.
-Dinner, after which he always requests a bath.
-Bedtime routine, during which he gets toothbrush and toothpaste and he loves it.

I just had to write this down so I can remember it in 20 years.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Growing up in a small northern California suburb, many years you don't have a lot to cheer about. The Kings have had their up years but never really cracked into Championship status. The 49ers had their days but last time they won was 1994, Steve Young was the quarterback and I wasn't even 9 yet. I guess you could go watch the Sacramento Rivercats but they are triple A baseball team I don't think they even have championships. So I am just saying, cheering for sports isn't always easy around here....

THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!!! After 16 years with none of the teams of my youth winning the Giants came through! THE GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES! Katie and I have been following the Giants all year through the ups and downs. They barely made it into the playoffs but breezed through them to get their first World Series championship in 56 years.

Some of our friends decided at church to watch the game together on Monday night. We got together with the Dressers, the Porters, and the Haneys to root on the Giants! The Freak, aka Big time timmy jim, aka Tim Lincecum threw a gem and Edgar Renteria hit a three run blast to win the game. We were going crazy. Here are some pictures of the post game celebration.

Chris Porter, Mike Dresser, Yours Truly, Adam, Evan and Braden Haney

Megan, Maciel, Marlene, and Yours Beautifully

Katie and the monsters!

Fun night. Good food. Great Friends. GIANTS WIN THE WORLD SERIES BABY!