Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We love Christmas!

This Christmas season was just wonderful. We had such a great time enjoying family, friends, and celebrating our savior's birth and love. My family came into town a week or so before Christmas and we spent some time in Bountiful hanging out, playing games, sledding, and laughing with the kids. It gets pretty crazy with all of us staying at my parents house, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Tyson is getting much less shy and was having tons of fun playing with all of his cousins. Ivan, me and Tyson got to take our own trip to temple square, which we loved. It was a pretty busy night there, but Tyson loved the lights and we got to enjoy the beauty. Ivan and Tyson got me a little gift together and gave it to me while we were there.
This is my favorite angle of the Temple, especially with the lights.
My boys are so sweet!
I just love this picture.
On Christmas Eve, Ivan's parents came into town and we spent the evening celebrating with Hillary's, Ivan's sister, in-laws. I loved it because we did what my family does, we read in Luke and sang the Christmas carols along with it. Then we opened gifts because Ivan and I didn't see them on Christmas. On Christmas morning, we stayed at home and opened our gifts. We had so much fun watching Tyson. We were hoping that he would understand it a little more, but he seemed to gain the most joy from just banging on the boxes. Then we went up to my parents house and had wonderful dinner and watched a movie. The next day we went to Savior of the World. It was such a great production and really portrayed the sacredness of Christ's life. My family left and we hung out with Ivan's family the next few days. We went to a movie, made some treats, and just hung out. For New Years, we did my favorite thing. My mom's side of the family has a tradition. Every year we have a huge treasure hunt that takes us all around the city. My sisters and dad did it this year and it was so fun! I love this tradition and will be so sad when I can't go to them. We were so blessed to have such a wonderful holiday season and around so much love.

All the kids when Santa came to visit at my parent's house. The kids just went crazy!

Tyson opening one of his gifts.