Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Love Affair With Water

Tyson loves everything and anything that is water. It is so cute! We take regular walk/runs around our apartment complex. We live next to the car wash station and there is often water running to the drain or water in puddles left from the sprinklers or whatever. Before I can stop him, Tyson is splashing in the water and clothes are wet. A couple times he has just plopped down right in the middle of the puddle. What can I do but laugh? Well I have failed to get pictures of this, but I do have some of normal water activities. We have had so much fun in the pool and running through the sprinklers this summer. We are so happy to have a pool in our complex. We have been able to go to the lake a few times this summer as well which was way fun. Thank heavens there is so much water around to cool down in!

In the turtle pool at his friend, Ryan's house.
Running through the sprinklers at Grandma's.

Playing in the watering can at Grandma's.In the swimming pool with Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

California State Fair

A couple weeks ago, Ivan got off work an hour early so we could head out to the State Fair! Ivan has fun memories from going when he was younger and Tyson and I have never been so we thought it would be fun to go. Well we were right! It was still pretty warm when we first got there so we went around to the vendors (that is one of Ivan's favorite parts, although I don't get why because he hates shopping. He must like window shopping:)) and then we went around to see the animals.

We saw cows, sheep, pigs, which had just had baby piglets and they were cute:), chickens, goats, horses, bunnies, roosters, ponies, and some other animals I can't remember. Tyson loved looking at all the animals. He got to pet a few of them and feed the cows. He thought that was "so cool!" It was really hard to get pictures though because of the gates and stuff so that is why they are really far away.
There was a corn box in the kids area and Tyson loved playing in it. He was pretty mad when that girl stole the bucket from him, but otherwise it was a great time!
For some reason, Tyson thought it was hilarious to stick our heads through the hole. So cute!
Making music with Daddy on the farm instruments.
Tyson and a really weird-looking chicken.
They had an area with a bunch of fish tanks and all sorts of fish, turtles, and crawdads. Tyson was a little scared to touch the fish, but he held a turtle. It was the highlight of the fair for him. He told grandma all about it.
Tyson loved the golden bears at the entrance of the fair grounds. Don't ask me why, but we had to get a picture with the bear.

We got a ticket for buy one get one free admission into the fair and then we found free parking so overall it was $12 to get in instead of $34. We were pretty excited. We had some good food, one amazing cinnamon roll and 6 fun filled hours together as a family. We were all exhausted by the end. While walking back to the car, we saw fireworks as well and Tyson absolutely loved them!