Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was fun times around here! I love Halloween and this year was the first year that Ivan actually shared in the joy with me:) He was our master pumpkin carver this year. Ivan loves gutting them (because that means he gets to eat the seeds later), but Tyson wanted no part in it.
Carving with Daddy. Tyson thought it was fun to put the triangles back in the holes and have us pop them out over and over again:).

Tyson really did love the jack o' lantern, he was just mad that we were taking a picture because he couldn't look at it. Sorry bud.
Tyson was a lion for Halloween. If you asked him what he was being, he would say "lion and a tiger" because the whole week before I kept asking him which one he wanted to be, but he couldn't choose. So Ivan finally did. Tyson was pretty dang excited to go Trick or Treating. He mostly just loved his bucket. He did not let go of it all night, especially when it was filled with candy.
For the first round of trick-or-treating we went with Tyson's friend and our neighbor across the way, David. They have so much fun together. Tyson just loves David!
Tyson thought it was necessary to take the candy from the people and put it in his bucket himself.
For the second round of trick-or-treating we went over to Ivan's parents house. Tyson was pretty excited to go with them and kept saying how fun it was that we were going "all together!" The goods. The book is much more interesting apparently.
Tyson didn't want to wear the hood all night, but we had to get at least one picture with it, and this is what we got. The angry lion. The tradition continues (last year it was the angry elephant).

After some book reading, we finally got this one. Happy Halloween!

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