Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Oakland

We got to go to Oakland to see our friends, Britta and Shay, and their little guy Cal. We are so happy we got to go! It was so fun to see them and catch up with them. They live right by the Oakland Temple in the cutest little apartment. So fun!
They took us up to this lookout point. It was so pretty! You could see the whole bay, the Golden Gate bridge, the Temple. It was the real deal. Awesome!
They took us up to a little train park. Tyson is in love with trains right now so he was pretty excited. It was a great ride. The train is steam powered and run by the most friendly people around.
The cute Brunson family!
Tyson was pretty broken up about getting off of the train, so we tried to cheer him up by taking a picture with the conductor, super nice guy by the way, but it didn't really work. He continued to cry for about 5 minutes.
After that, we went to a little animal farm where you can feed the animals and pet them. So we grabbed some lettuce and celery and headed up there. It was really fun!

Tyson was pretty dang nervous at first. He liked watching Ivan feed the animals, but wanted not part in it himself. Once he got over his initial nervousness though, he loved it!
Cal got pretty brave too!
Can I just say that cows have the longest tongues ever.
A piece of celery fell on the ground while Shay was feeding the cows and he kept trying to feed it to all the animals, but none of them would eat it. Apparently they get pretty picky when they are fed regularly. So finally he hid the celery in some lettuce and tricked a goat into eating it. Victory!
We went to this amazing crepe place for lunch and it was so good! It is so fun to go to the city and get to try the little mom and pop shops. They don't have many of those in Roseville. We also drove right past Occupy Berkeley. Ivan was pretty dang excited. He has been wanting to see an occupy movement for a while.
Thank you so much Britta and Shay! You guys are the best!

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  1. Katie, you look so good! Can barely even tell you're pregnant! Sounds like a fun trip! Oh and I agree, cow tongues are HUGE! Corbin got a good lick by one a few months ago, and I swear he was standing a foot away from him!